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Kinderkankerfonds is a non-profit organisation, established in Flanders, Belgium, in 1988.

Kinderkankerfonds aspires to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families. To realise this it takes initiatives on different levels:

  • support families of children and teenagers with cancer;
  • give assistance to the paediatric haemato-oncology department of the Ghent University Hospital;
  • provide home care for severely ill children by its affiliated team of nurses "Koester";
  • provide day care for siblings during visiting hours;
  • support scientific research;
  • offer encounters for parents and siblings of deceased children;
  • organise weekends and camps for teenagers with cancer.

All of the Kinderkankerfonds' accomplishments are possible thanks to donations, support projects, subsidies and fundraising activities by families and sympathizers.


Cancer has taken a prominent place in the spectrum of life-threatening diseases among children in the western world. In Flanders 150 to 160 children are confronted with this disease every year.

Ever since 1937, the Ghent University Hospital has paid a lot of attention to children suffering from cancer. The Ghent paediatric cancer department has taken the lead in Flanders.

Currently almost 80% of the children recover. The treatment however is extremely complicated and tiring, for both the child and the family.

In the 80's the normal health care channels were unable to deal with the material, financial, psychological and social needs the treatment of child cancer brought about. Kinderkankerfonds was set up in order to deal with these problems. The board and the assembly consist of parents of sick children, health care providers of the paediatric oncology unit, and sympathizers. The chairman is Prof. Dr. Y. Benoit, head of the department.


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